Friday, August 01, 2014

Missing patient, Shane Metcalfe

Get one back at "Riverview" and lose another at Colony Farm. 
Coquitlam RCMP search for missing Colony Farm patient

Coquitlam RCMP press release:  Missing Patient Wanted on a Canada Wide Warrant - Shane Metcalfe

Shane  Metcalfe ( undated photo )

UPDATE: Apparently this fellow has been found.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jeffrey Edward Stuart, escaped from the Forensic unit

 After a nice lull in escapes from this institution.
The Province:   Man escapes from Coquitlam psychiatric hospital
Tri-City News:         Man missing from Colony Farm

The Coquitlam RCMP:  Unlawfully at Large - Jeffrey Edward Stuart

This fellow looks like he needs a wide berth, if the photo tells me anything.

UPDATE:  This fellow is back safely in custody.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Washroom now Open

Finally after a long wait, the new washroom is finally open for business. Located near the end of Colony Farm Road, near the Community Gardens, and public parking lot.

 It has a timed door lock on it, but no sign stating the hours of operation, are posted on the building yet.

   Separate entrances for the Rams and Ewes, Does and Bucks, etc.

   There is even a water fountian close to the ground for pets. Now if we could train them to use the facilites, Hmm..

Looks more like some tiny whistle-stop train station, in some far away place, choo, choo,,

Farm Cottage I

Farm Cottage I

Farm Cottage II

Farm Cottage  II

Farm Cottage III

Farm Cottage III

Farm Cottage IV

Farm Cottage  IV

Farm Cottage V

Farm Cottage  V

Farm Cottage VI

Farm Cottage  VI

Farm Cottage VII

Farm Cottage VII

Farm Cottage VIII

Farm Cottage VIII