Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Forensic nurses still under assault

Nurse sucker-punched in face at Coquitlam psychiatric hospital
Incidents of violence against nurses needs to be addressed with better security says union

Ed note: Evidently the money said to be given last August ( see article below)  to help lessen these dangers, has not reached the staff:

  New measures to boost nurse safety
B.C. nurses and the health ministry collaborate on initiatives to reduce assaults at hospitals, including Forensic in Port Coquitlam.

     It appears to be more dangerous to work there than a prison; rarely hear of major issues in the prisons. Not to say that a prison model should be emloyed at the Forensic Hospital, but it is obvious that some of the security concepts need to be in place there to protect the staff.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Allan Schoenborn is granted leave

B.C. man who murdered his three children wins escorted outings
 Allan Schoenborn has received the B.C. Review Board's approval following his annual hearing as a patient at the province's psychiatric hospital some seven years after he killed his children

Review Board grants Allan Schoenborn escorted leave

Hopefully a good strong leash is used with this fellow. 


  Province won’t appeal review board’s decision on Schoenborn
Updated: Clarke calls for AG Anton to appeal Schoenborn's day passes; high-risk designation sought.

One day this fellow will probably be released, change his name, and live somewhere else in Canada; hopefully far away from his still suffering, long grieving  ex-wife Darcie Clarke

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Water main construction

Bad enough the oil companies want to trash portions of the farm, see an older posting;

       This Water main project to Port Mann, in Surrey, was actually started before the oil pipeline project by Metro Vancouver, and being that it is a government project it grinds along like a glacier; and as usual it ran into problems that required complicated fixes; SEE: Drilling to resume on stalled Metro Vancouver water tunnel for Surrey area

       I was sent a report today, created by:  Diamond Head Consulting Ltd., entitled:
  Arborist Report Portman Main No.2, North, Coquitlam, B.C. updated 19 January 2015 (2869K) PDF.  No idea where the name of Portman comes from, should read Port Mann I would think, because that is where this water main is going.

And also a map Portmann Main #2 tree retetnion and removal   19 January 2015  (PDF)

       I spelled it the way it was written, so we are getting a little closer to Port Mann, but fail in the spelling of "retention".  The last PDF is a map of the areas being impacted by the water main going through the Riverview Hospital property.  Another nasty scar slashed through the landscape, from Riverview hospital up near Mariner Way, through Colony Farm, through its critical habitat treed wind-break to go under the Fraser River near the Port Mann bridge, and into Surrey and beyond.  

Port Mann is named after Sir Donald Mann and  most of the area that we know as, Port Mann was previously known as Bon Accord, prior to the railway yards being built there.  A salmon hatchery, and a salmon cannery were once in the area, both named Bon Accord.

 The project is part of  the Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel  read the PDF factsheet
From what I understand the numerous pipelines (gas,oil,water,communications) under the river at this point have had issues with the river exposing them, which places large stesses upon them.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sheep Paddock pedestrian trail

         As a result of input from the public last year, Metro Vancouver staff are exploring options for a pedestrian only trail section of the Sheep Paddocks trail in Colony Farm Regional Park.  This is in addition to the ongoing design work for a combined cyclist and pedestrian trail.  You are invited to attend a workshop to discuss the possibility of a pedestrian only option and help identify key aspects of this project.

Date:  Wednesday February 4th, 2015   6:30 – 8:30 pm

Location:     Royal Canadian Legion – 1025 Ridgeway Ave, Coquitlam

Please rsvp to by if you plan to attend the workshop.

Please share this invitation widely with your members and friends.  Additional information as well as an online questionnaire will be available on the Metro Vancouver website (search ‘Sheep  Paddocks Trail’) starting late next week if you are unable to attend the workshop.

Thank you

Jamie Vala, MBCSLA, R.P. Bio
Park Planner , Regional Parks - Central Area
Planning, Policy, and Environment
t. 604.520.6442

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Broadmoor and Forensic Psychiatric hospital videos

Came across this rather long video about Broadmoor Hospital in England which is a high security hospital.
Documentary | Inside Britain's Highest Security Psychiatric Hospital

After that we can compare to the offerings from the Forensic Psychiatric hospital, at Colony Farm, and view their  videos .

I do not know of any documentaries, written histories of the forensic pyschiatric hospitals in B.C.; there are a few quick summaries, but nothing detailed. I do know that prior to being at Colony farm, they were housed  at Essondale, but mostly in Colquitz (1919-1964), for the violent patients, and primarily Oakalla prison (1912-1991) in Burnaby, and also the few other prisons scattered around the province, but they were generally shipped to Oakalla, and then Essondale. Just prior to Colquitz closing, the residents were moved to Colony farm, into the Veterans building, which had been remodelled to house them.

Farm Cottage I

Farm Cottage I

Farm Cottage II

Farm Cottage  II

Farm Cottage III

Farm Cottage III

Farm Cottage IV

Farm Cottage  IV

Farm Cottage V

Farm Cottage  V

Farm Cottage VI

Farm Cottage  VI

Farm Cottage VII

Farm Cottage VII

Farm Cottage VIII

Farm Cottage VIII