Sunday, November 05, 2006

Aerial view in 1928

From the 1928 Hospital annual report

Farm House,(Farm Cottage) 1924

This building housed the patients who worked the farm. The building was removed many years ago.

Clydesdale at Colony Farm 1924

"Colony Lady Pride" They actively bred Clydesdales at Colony Farm.

Holstein herd 1913

Holstein herd at Colony Farm in 1913, note the drover in the background.

Clearing of Colony Farm 1910

Clearing of Colony Farm in 1910, they eventually utilized six Donkey engines to clear the site.

Dredging at Colony Farm in 1910

Dredging the ditches at Colony Farm in 1910.

Colony Farm 1921 map

Note the sloughs on this map, they have nearly all been filled in through the years. The Indian Reserve, shows where the Catholic church was, since destroyed.

Colony Farm 1920 map

The fields were all numbered, extensive records of the production of each field still exist in the Hospital annual reports. Map is from the 1921 annual report.

The tank house on the right, missing its water tower today. The Farm "Cottage" on the left,now gone. Essondale,(Riverview) Hospital visible in the distance.

Map of Colony Farm 1914

This is the earliest map that I have been able to find of Colony Farm. Notice the two steamer landings!. Paddlewheelers at one time also over-wintered in the Coquitlam River, to escape the river ice in the Fraser River.

Tank House in 2006

The Tank House,(Bunkhouse) in 2006, before the roof was rebuilt later on 2006.

Farm managers house

The farm managers house at Colony Farm in 2006, with a new roof.

Colony Farm barns

This picture was taken from the roof of the Tank House,(Bunkhouse) in 1911. All that remains is the brick wall in the foreground, and the rebuilt tankhouse.

Clydesdale mares at Colony Farm

The young Dutch Elm trees, that line the road into Colony Farm are visible in this picture. Most have been removed today(2006)

Tank House,(Bunkhouse) during 1921 flood

Farm Cottage I

Farm Cottage I

Farm Cottage II

Farm Cottage  II

Farm Cottage III

Farm Cottage III

Farm Cottage IV

Farm Cottage  IV

Farm Cottage V

Farm Cottage  V

Farm Cottage VI

Farm Cottage  VI

Farm Cottage VII

Farm Cottage VII

Farm Cottage VIII

Farm Cottage VIII