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Michael John Shilling

Searching through the old newspapers I found this:
1981 December 7 The Citizen ( A Prince George newspaper )

        It appears rather silly and harmless for the patient, and raises the eternal question of how did he escape?  That we may never know, he was only there a few months.  But I dug deeper and found a rather sad story, as most of my researches into Essondale, Colony Farm usually do.

1981 December 1 The Montreal Gazette, tells slightly more of the story.

Michael "Mike" John Shilling, used his bother George Charles Shilling’s passport to go to Australia; unknown where he got the money to do so.

Michael’s parents were Raymond "Ray" Charles Shilling, and Sylvia Mae Barlow
Ray Charles Shilling
was born 8th of May 1930 Toronto, Ontario; his parents were: Grace Eleanor Shilling, and Lavern Shilling (b.1904, Ohio) they were married on the 15th of September 1928. In 1943 the family immigrated  to the U.S.A.    Raymond Charles Shilling apparently was married  to Mary ? on the 12th of December 1980 at Palm Beach, Florida; did not last very long, since a divorce was granted on the 1st of October 1981, at Palm Beach.

At least three brothers Gregory Charles Shilling mentioned above, also Mark Schilling and Derek Vern Shilling,( lives in Edmonton, Alberta ) and a sister Debbie Schilling.

Michael repeatedly stabbed his mother in the back at her home at 120-1870 McKenzie Avenue, Saanich, on her birthday.

 Sylvia Mae Barlow ( 23rd of  June 1934 – 23 June 1980 )  was a teacher at Camosun College, near Victoria, B.C. And was divorced at the time and was using her maiden name of Barlow.  Sylvia's parents were William Barlow and Nina Barlow, both of England.

       Michael was initially charged with 1st degree murder, and was later acquitted on the 10th of October 1980, after being found to be insane, and sent to the Forensic Institute.
Michael was eventually brought back to the Forensic Institute at Colony Farm, from Australia, and a few years later committed suicide by hanging himself.

Michael John Shilling   ( Vancouver, B.C. 21 July 1958 – 30 December 1985 Coquitlam, B.C. )
Just another sad story

UPDATE: anonymous left some more information about the family.  Thanx

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Anonymous said...

There should be a book on the Shilling family. Some of us had the luck of being educated by Sylvia and Ray Shilling. There were 5 children in the family, 4 boys and a girl, Debbie. We had the pleasure of going to high school with the 3 youngest, Mike, Mark and Debbie, all high achievers scholastically and athletically. Their parents had sailed around the world with them and then stopped in Campbell River, BC to teach. It is so sad this family ended up with such tragedy. We often wonder where Ray ended up, we heard he moved to Florida to pursue being a mariner, but have no confirmation. He was a phenomenal math teacher and devoted much of his free time to coaching sports at our high school. If any of the Shilling family reads this, know that your school mates never forgot you and you have our sincere condolences.

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