Saturday, March 29, 2014

Trans Mountain pipeline project

         Apparently the Trans Mountain Expansion Project,(AKA Kinder Morgan) want to use the fields of the forensic institute portion of Colony Farm, to store their vast quantities of pipe, and also use the area as a general staging area. And possibly even continue through the park, and along the Lougheed Highway on its way to LaFarge, then Burnaby (download the PDF).  Not an appropriate use for farmland, in my mind.

A cropped shot of a better quality image than is found in the public document.
Easier to visualize the huge impacts that the pipeline would have on Colony Farm Park from this picture.

Press Release:

        We value the feedback, questions, concerns and comments from communities through which our pipeline study corridor runs. It has, and will be, used in our planning as we continue to optimize our study corridor and then ultimately our pipeline route.

We invite you to join us to learn about and provide your input to the optimization of the proposed pipeline study corridor for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project in person or online:


  Burnaby Open House
April 3, 2014
Drop in between 7:30pm and 9:30pm
Executive Plaza
405 North Road,

Go to Trans Mountain Talk after the event to review material shared at the Open House and provide your feedback. 

Should you have any questions please don t hesitate to contact us at  or 1.866.514.6700. More information about our proposed project is available at Trans Mountain 
Address: 2844 Bainbridge Avenue, PO Box 84028, Bainbridge, Burnaby, BC V5A 4T9
Twitter:   @TransMtn
Trans Mountain of course in theory must answer to the National Energy Board, (NEB) the public can view the regulatory documents that the various companies submit in their applications.

Not directly related to the Trans mountain application, but related to transportation in Burrard Inlet :  1973 Oil spill in English Bay   Trans Mountain of course will  create a large increase in shipping traffic through Burrard Inlet, much more than they do at the present time.

Personally I struggle with the fact that a company can apply to build something, yet they have no idea where it will be located.  Kind of like me going to the nearest city and saying, I want to build a gazillion square foot building, but I have no idea where yet, and expect an Okay from the local council; something wrong here.

On very short notice, some concerned citizens gathered at Colony Farm, the show their displeasure at Kinder Morgan, wanting to damage the park. A few more pictures of the event HERE

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